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Trucking bill offers additional ag exemptions

Ben185/iStock/Thinkstock livestock truck hauling cattle
TREAD Act provides additional exemption of 150 air-miles from Hours of Service regulations.

Reps. Angie Craig (D., Minn.) and Lloyd Smucker (R., Pa.) introduced the Responsible & Efficient Agriculture Destination (TREAD) Act to provide for an additional 150-air-mile exemption from Hours of Service (HOS) regulations on the back end of hauls for those transporting agricultural commodities.

The TREAD Act would ensure that the current HOS exemption that applies to the 150-air-mile radius from the source of an agricultural commodity adds the same 150-air-mile radius flexibility to the back end of a trip, or the destination. The bill also clarifies that this exemption would apply in every state year-round, as agricultural, and specifically livestock, commodities move across this country every day.

ÔÇťAgricultural haulers -- and especially livestock haulers -- face very unique challenges that haulers in other industries don't face, and this bill recognizes that need," National Cattlemen's Beef Assn. president Jennifer Houston said. "On behalf of America's cattle producers, I want to thank Reps. Craig, Smucker and all the other original co-sponsors for their leadership on this issue and working towards needed flexibility within Hours of Service for our livestock haulers."

"It's important that farmers are able to transport their product to consumers all over the United States," Missouri Cattlemen's Assn. president Bobby Simpson said. "I'm glad to know that there will increased flexibility in the Hours of Service for our livestock haulers. The addition of the 150-mile backhaul will allow us to send our product to the consumers that demand it." 

A total of 26 national agricultural organizations endorsed the bill.

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