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Tier 1 Nutritionals upgrades blending plant

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Feed, food and employee safety come first during plant renovation.

Feed and food safety is the driving force behind the design of a new blending and packaging system at Tier 1 Nutritionals.

Tier 1 Nutritionals is a supplier of contract manufacturing services for a wide array of high-value feed additives and forage preservation products. Recent renovations include increased bulk ingredient storage capacity and the installation of new blending and packaging equipment, all designed to enhance the company’s production capacity, product quality and food safety.

According to the company, key features of the plant renovations include:

* New high-efficiency blender. Custom designed and built, the new blender boasts enhanced cleanout features that promote food safety and reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between products and production runs.

* Upgraded finished product packaging system. Innovatively designed and custom built, the packaging system offers enhanced product flow and cleanout features that support the company’s food safety programs and reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between products.

* Upgraded bulk ingredient storage capacity. Five new bulk ingredient storage bins with increased capacity boost on-site bulk ingredient storage by 30%.

* Upgraded bulk ingredient weigh-out and transfer equipment. This equipment improves the precision and throughput capacity of bulk ingredients.

* New high-capacity/high-efficiency dust collection system. This state-of-the-art dust collection system is designed to minimize airborne particles, resulting in both improved food safety (reduced opportunity for airborne cross-contamination) and a cleaner and safer work environment for production staff members.

* Installation of new elevated blending and packaging system. The vertical orientation of the system maximizes production capacity and efficiency by capitalizing on the power of gravity, thus eliminating the need for mechanical transport of bulk raw materials and finished product from the mixer to the packaging line.

“Contract manufacturing high-value, proprietary feed additives requires good equipment, a well-trained staff and stringent manufacturing practices to protect the integrity of each customer’s product,” Tier 1 Nutritionals president Tim Jacobson said.

Additional features include enhanced metal detection systems built into both the raw material and finished product handling systems and equipment designs to allow for increased access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of mixing and packaging equipment.

Tier 1 Nutritionals was established in 1957 as T.C. Products Co. but changed names with new ownership in 2015. Throughout its history, the company noted that it has always been family owned and has operated from a strong customer-first platform, placing extremely high value on feed safety, product quality, employee safety and business integrity.

Tier 1 Nutritionals provides contract manufacturing services for a wide variety of high-value, low-inclusion rate functional feed additives that are sold and distributed throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

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