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Swine Vet Center launches website for pork industry

Site to include latest ideas, initiatives and news related to pig health.

The Swine Vet Center (SVC), a clinic with 15 veterinarians focused on pig health, launched a new website to keep its customers and the pork industry updated on its latest services, ideas and initiatives.

“For us, nothing will ever replace face-to-face contact with our customers, but we wanted to expand our online presence and help the pork industry develop a better understanding of who we are and our approach to swine medicine,” said Dr. Laura Bruner, a veterinarian at SVC who was actively involved with the website’s development.

In addition to new veterinarian profiles and an overview of SVC’s services, the site features a section called "SVC News," which includes articles written by or involving the clinic’s veterinarians.

SVC also announced that the development of a new e-newsletter to keep the pork industry updated on the latest trends and ideas in pig health. To subscribe, click here.

SVC said it has come a long way since 1990, when three veterinarians hung out a shingle in St. Peter, Minn., to service the flourishing pork industry in the Midwest. The clinic’s customers have changed, too. Today, SVC serves producers in many states, ranging from major pork production companies with 25,000 to 150,000-plus sows to traditional family farms with 500-2,400 sows.

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