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‘Power of Meat’ shows strong demand (Gallery)

Accelerated demand for meat and poultry pushes sales to $50.5 billion in 2019.

The Food Industry Assn. and the Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education -- the foundation for the North American Meat Institute  -- have released their 15th-annual in-depth study of meat and poultry through shoppers’ eyes. "Power of Meat 2020" explores consumption trends, sales growth and consumer preferences and found that demand for meat is accelerating, with $50.5 billion in sales for 2019.

“The 'Power of Meat' is a thorough examination of consumer behavior and reflects the value of meat and poultry to retailers,” Meat Institute president and chief executive officer Julie Anna Potts said. “The survey affirms the ongoing work of the industry to improve trust in animal protein is welcomed by consumers and useful to retailers.”

Meat department sales are strong in both dollar value and volume, driven by beef and chicken, and spending per household increased. When it comes to meat consumption, moderation is far more popular than elimination, the study found, with flexitarians (12%) looking to reduce their animal protein intake through smaller portion sizes and/or a day without consuming any meat or poultry.

Rick Stein, Food Marketing Institute vice president of fresh foods, noted how meat shoppers' consumption patterns are shifting.

“One of the most compelling storylines in the analysis is that 83% of shoppers purchase specific cuts of meat, and they are eating smaller portions, but with total volume sales up slightly, that means they are eating less more often,” Stein said.

The top findings of the "Power of Meat 2020" can be viewed in the slideshow.

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