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Papillon adds to quality control capabilities

TAGS: Dairy
New NIR analyzer increases ability to detect outliers and analytical drift while adding several nutrients to its standard analysis.

Papillon Agricultural Co. of Easton, Md., has purchased a new near-infrared (NIR) analyzer to conduct quality control analysis at its laboratory in Painted Post, N.Y. According to the company, the NIR analyzer will give real-time results on measurements such as moisture and protein for both incoming ingredients and outgoing products.

With the new NIR analyzer, Papillon said it will have an increased ability to detect outliers and analytical drift and will add several additional nutrients to its standard quality control (QC) analysis on every load of ingredients and finished product.

Papillon added that the analyzer also gives the company the future ability to analyze every sample for various indications, including rumen unavailable protein, digestibility and bulk density.

“We’re excited about the benefits of upgrading our quality control to include an NIR and are looking forward to elevating our already rigorous QC standards,” Papillon technical services manager Clayton Stoffel said. “We’re responding to industry needs, and producers will ultimately benefit from our commitment to providing the highest-quality products that are consistent from load to load.”

Investment in this new state-of-the-art NIR analyzer allows Papillon to reduce downtime for maintenance and reinforces its commitment to helping dairy producers feed efficiently, the announcement said.

Founded in 1983, Papillon develops and produces nutritional products for dairy consultants, feed suppliers and dairy producers nationwide. The company offers bypass proteins, prebiotics, probiotics and specialty supplements designed to support optimal feed efficiency and herd health.

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