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Meat institute launches new MyMeatUp app

beef in the meat case
First-of-its-kind app simplifies shopping for meat.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) unveiled today the first-of-its-kind mobile app aimed at helping consumers become more confident when buying meat and poultry. The free MyMeatUp app is the only available app with a full guide to beef, pork, lamb and veal retail meat cuts and draws on content from www.MyMeatUp.org, a resource launched in 2016.

“This dynamic, interactive app offers consumers a convenient, go-to guide that will equip shoppers with essential tips when buying, preparing and cooking meat and poultry products,” NAMI president and chief executive officer Barry Carpenter said. “It is a great resource, particularly for younger shoppers just starting to navigate the grocery store on their own for themselves and their families, to answer any questions they have about the meat in the case.”

Consumers, especially Millennial shoppers, often express uncertainty about how to select and prepare meat and poultry products sold at retail, NAMI noted. The new app addresses that critical knowledge gap with its unique cuts of meat feature that visually displays the most common retail beef, veal, pork and lamb cuts, the group added.

“By selecting a specific part of an animal, shoppers can view images of common retail cuts, along with corresponding explanations, creative recipe ideas and proper cooking methods,” NAMI explained. “Users can also take advantage of the app’s search function to quickly find information about cuts with which they are unfamiliar, making it a must-have resource when shopping.”

Beyond the guide to different cuts, MyMeatUp also offers a searchable glossary of common terms found on meat product labels, such as “natural,” “grass-fed,” “antibiotic-free” and “no hormones added,” among others. According to NAMI, the app also addresses common questions about the meat and poultry industry, including antibiotic use in animal agriculture, animal welfare practices, environmental concerns and nutrition facts. It includes food safety and preparation tips, along with a video guide to using a meat thermometer. These features aim to provide much-needed clarity and transparency to consumers navigating the abundance of choices offered in the meat case to ensure that purchases match their preferences.

The app is available to both iPhone and Android mobile users.

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