Marubeni acquiring Creekstone Farms Premium Beef

Japanese company officially enters U.S. beef sector with purchase.

Marubeni Corp., based in Japan, announced July 20 that it is officially entering the U.S. beef market sector by acquiring Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC (CSF).

CSF has established a business model that focuses on supplying high-quality beef produced from selected black Angus cattle fed mainly grain. It operates its own beef processing plants in Kansas and distributes to high-end steakhouses and supermarkets in the U.S. CSF also exports its beef products to Asia and Europe.

“As the quality of eating habits improve worldwide, especially in emerging countries, it is predicted that the demand for beef will grow strongly,” Marubeni said. “Meanwhile, the major producers of high-quality, grain-fed cattle have been the U.S. and Australia, as the production of such beef requires rich feed and water resources, advanced feeding technologies and environmental measures.”

With the acquisition of CSF, in addition to its existing subsidiary Rangers Valley, which engages in cattle feeding and beef distribution in Australia, Marubeni said it will secure its production base in the two largest beef-producing countries and establish its organization to meet the globally growing need for high-quality beef.

Through this acquisition, Marubeni said it "aims to become a truly global company that contributes to a steady supply of safe, delicious beef while contributing to the society and local economy."

Established in 1995, CSF has a processing capacity of 1,400 head per day.

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