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Kemin partnering to upcycle groceries for pet food

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Company to use CSS's patented Harvest to Harvest (H2H) technology to collect and repurpose recovered food.

Kemin Industries is working with CSS to explore the development of high-quality, sustainable pet food ingredients from upcycled groceries.

Kemin Nutrisurance, the pet food and rendering technologies business unit of Kemin, uses scientific expertise and innovative technologies to provide industry-leading solutions for pet food stability, safety, palatability and nutrition.

CSS is leading the way to reduce food waste by recovering unsold fruits, vegetables and meats to convert into valuable products before they become waste. Kemin Nutrisurance will utilize CSS's patented Harvest to Harvest (H2H) technology that the company introduced – and has perfected – to collect and repurpose recovered food from supermarkets and other food-recovery partners. Together, Kemin and CSS are committed to sustainable solutions to reduce global food waste in a meaningful way. By bringing together Kemin's expertise in science and industry-leading pet food products and CSS's innovative food recovery processes and technologies, Kemin Nutrisurance can produce ingredients that are safe, healthy, tasty and nutritious for pets – and sustainable for the planet.

"Pet parents are increasingly demanding natural and sustainable solutions for their companion animals. We are excited to leverage CSS's innovative grocery recovery and H2H technology with our commitment to providing safe and sustainable pet food ingredients that improve pet nutrition, health and wellbeing," said Yannick Riou, President of Kemin Nutrisurance. "Our work together is an exciting step in offering our industry new solutions to address the ever-changing needs of pets and pet parents, backed by our promise that Kemin is Assurance."

Dan Morash, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CSS, commented, "We are thrilled to share with Kemin the commitment to being good stewards of our environment through first-rate science and technology. Kemin's technical expertise and market-leading position will prove invaluable in producing high-quality, consistent products that pet parents can trust. Kemin is the ideal partner to help us achieve this goal."

Kemin and CSS will continue to explore solutions to achieve two goals: reduction in food waste and new and innovative products for pets and pet parents.

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