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JBS United rebrands as United Animal Health

The rebrand includes a new name, logo, look and modernization to the way the company does business.

JBS United Inc., a leader in the animal nutrition and health industry, announced Jan. 9 a rebrand to United Animal Health Inc. The rebranding includes a new name, logo, look and modernization to the way the company does business.

United’s new brand allows the company to differentiate itself in the industry and make a clear distinction among other companies doing business with the same JBS initials.

“We have never had any relationship or connection with any other JBS company but felt it appropriate to make that abundantly clear by dropping JBS from our name,” chief operating officer Trent Torrance explained.


“We had the opportunity to modernize our logo and our look to better reflect where we are going as a company and where the industry is headed in the future while pointing out permanently that we are not related to any other JBS company,” added Doug Webel, president and chief executive officer. “We’ve added Animal Health to our corporate name as we believe that nutrition is health and feel the research we do and the solutions we offer the industry all revolves around the health of the animal.”

With the rebrand, United said it is dedicated to improving how it serves the customer and how it works with vendors and partners in the industry.

“Our new name also keeps us connected to our heritage: United Feeds, the name we started with over 60 years ago,” Webel said. “We are more focused now, than ever, on building our nutrition business, adding facilities and people and expanding into different geographies.”

United will remain dedicated to its core business of helping "customers succeed" and has introduced "Success Together" as a part of its corporate message.

“As we embark on the next 60 years of this business, we are proud of our past but more excited about our future ... — a future that builds on the business philosophy that if the customer is successful, so are we,” chairman of the board John Corbett said.

United Animal Health, founded in 1956, is dedicated to providing research-based solutions that create value and success for its partners in animal agriculture. With more than 400 employees, United offers livestock nutrition and health solutions globally through the United or affiliate brands. To learn more, visit UnitedAnH.com.

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