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Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy launches new dairy promotion campaign

ice cream cone
Multiyear partnership will shine spotlight on dairy products and dairy industry.

When thinking about a slice of cheddar cheese on a burger at the family barbeque, a cold glass of milk or a scoop of ice cream on a piece of birthday cake, there is no denying the enjoyment dairy products can bring to special moments and favorite foods. However, with so many choices in the dairy aisle -- including non-dairy and plant-based alternatives -- many people are seeking credible information about what dairy actually is, and they have questions about dairy industry practices.

In a multiyear effort to reintroduce America to dairy, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy -- in partnership with America’s Dairy Farm Families and Importers -- is launching “Undeniably Dairy,” the first category campaign of its kind.

“Through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the dairy community has worked together to establish common ground on our top priorities and values, from responsible production and sustainable nutrition to economic value,” said Barbara O’Brien, president of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. “We feel that now is the absolute right time to come together with one voice to share the community’s story -- to celebrate the delicious, nutritious foods in the dairy aisle and the people who bring them to your table.”

Undeniably Dairy

In addition to showcasing the taste and enjoyment of dairy products -- like a slice of pizza or a yogurt parfait -- the campaign will also spotlight the positive role the dairy community plays in America today.

“Despite dairy farms being in all 50 states and most of us living within 100 miles of a dairy farm, many people have never set foot on a farm,” said Beth Engelmann, chief marketing communications officer at Dairy Management Inc., which represents America’s nearly 42,000 dairy farmers and importers. “Undeniably Dairy is about re-establishing the connection between the enjoyment of the product and the hard work and pride of the people who make it possible. This campaign is unprecedented in that it unifies a vast and diverse dairy industry and array of dairy products behind a single platform.”

Dairy Management Inc.

Various multimedia content will remind people of the starring role dairy plays in special moments while also sharing how the industry continues to evolve – from using innovation and technology to deliver exceptional animal care and a nutrient-rich product to supporting local communities.

Today, farmers use 65% less water and 63% less carbon per gallon of milk produced, and every $1 million of in-store U.S. milk sales generates 17 new jobs.

Wisconsin dairy farmer Amber Horn-Leiterman said, “When you see a dairy farm, you’re usually looking at multiple generations of providing for the community, multiple generations of land conservation, multiple generations of business innovation, and that often means being an early adopter when it comes to new technology that allows us to advance and improve animal care, capture and reuse our resources and maintain a total commitment to producing products that are safe, healthy and nutritious.”

A multiyear campaign

The multimedia campaign will be revealed through an online video that showcases the joy of dairy in everyday moments while spotlighting farmers’ contributions to the community. The full effort will feature a new logo and premier media campaign, including a convergent on-air and digital marketing campaign with Food Network and Cooking Channel in June to celebrate National Dairy Month and national on-farm events where farmers will invite in the community to learn more about modern farming practices. Original content will be shared across Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. A preview of the campaign video, along with other content, can be found at www.undeniablydairy.org.

Moving forward, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy said the campaign will continue to dive deeper into the undeniable taste and enjoyment of dairy, as well as the undeniable commitment the dairy industry has made to being a relevant and socially responsible part of local communities across the country.


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