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Impossible Foods debuts in Canada

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Impossible Foods impossible burger.jpg
Product launching in restaurants and will be sold in grocery stores in Canada later this year.

Impossible Foods announced Sept. 9 that some chefs in Canada are launching Impossible Foods’ flagship product, the Impossible Burger, at restaurants from coast to coast.

In response to overwhelming demand, the company said its Impossible Burger will become available in Canada later this year in a wide variety of additional restaurants and grocery stores nationwide. For now, patrons of the country’s top restaurants can get a sneak peek for the next two weeks.

Canada is Impossible Foods’ first international market outside of Asia and will soon become the company’s largest market outside the U.S. The product will debut in more locations throughout Canada in the upcoming weeks, and it will be sold in grocery stores later this year.

Impossible Foods said people in Canada have asked for the Impossible Burger on social media and in passionate emails thousands of times. In fact, the company said more Canadians have requested the Impossible Burger than people in any country other than the U.S.

“The launch of Impossible Burger in Canada is a watershed moment for Impossible Foods — a proof point and accelerator for the international movement toward a sustainable, plant-based food system,” Impossible Foods chief executive officer and founder Patrick Brown said. “I’m also 100% confident that Canada’s world-class chefs will create some of the most delicious and unique Impossible dishes on the planet.”

Impossible Foods pointed out that while the average Canadian eats 25.4 kg of beef per year, a growing percentage of them are looking to reduce their cholesterol and buy products with a smaller carbon footprint. Half of Canadians eat animal meat every day, but younger generations are leading the shift to a sustainable, plant-based food system, the company noted.

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