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Ideal Animal Nutrition grows team

Staff addition part of broader expansion focused on serving growing customer base.

Ideal Animal Nutrition, based in Tracy, Minnesota, has announced new investments in its team and resources to support swine farmers with its trademark slat-level solutions.

Jessica Jasper joins the company as swine nutritionist and research coordinator. The staff addition is part of a broader expansion of capacity focused on serving a growing customer base. This includes increasing research barn activity to provide data toward keeping hog farmers at the leading edge of optimized production.

“The past nine months has been a whirlwind for many operations, but we’re not surprised once again producers have shown their incredible resilience,” said Dr. Jeff Knott, swine nutritionist and founder/owner of Ideal Animal Nutrition. “Looking ahead, we know that having strong dedicated expertise and capacity at the slat-level will continue to be critical to the success of our customers. That’s where we’re putting our focus. We continue to grow and see strong demand for our services. We are looking forward to this next chapter for Ideal.”

In addition to strong farm and educational backgrounds, Jasper also has solid research experience including interests related to Ideal Animal Nutrition’s growing focus on optimizing the connection between animal nutrition and animal health.

“We are pleased to welcome Jessica to the team,” Knott said. “She is an excellent fit with our approach and culture. She will address our dual priorities of adding swine nutrition expertise while also having someone to lead our research barn activity as it continues to grow.”

Knott started Ideal Animal Nutrition in 2014 and was joined by swine nutritionist Simon Kern in 2018. With Jasper, the team now boasts three swine nutritionists all with a shared philosophy of focusing on slat-level solutions working directly with producers.

“We feel the best way to provide value and contribute to a successful industry is by supporting the hog farmers who are on the front line,” said Kern. “The attention to details and timely adjustments right at the slat-level are often what truly makes the difference to competitiveness and profitability. That’s where we feel we need to be and that’s where we love to be.”

Jasper has a bachelor of science degree from South Dakota State University and a master of science from Iowa State University. Her graduate research focused on swine nutrition and physiology in health-challenged pigs, specifically in PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) challenged wean-to-finish pigs and how dietary amino acid to energy ratios can alter feed intake and growth performance. She comes to Ideal Animal Nutrition after graduating from Iowa State University in the spring of 2020.

“I am very excited to join Ideal Animal Nutrition and step into this new role working alongside Jeff and Simon,” said Jasper. “I love being in the barns whether it's conducting research or helping farmers – both are always awesome opportunities to learn and contribute to improvement.”

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