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Hog Slat Inc. expands sow housing options

Company's stanchion system, along with new Free Access stall can help producers meet changing welfare standards.

Hog Slat Inc. a globally recognized livestock equipment manufacturer and supplier, recently announced the expansion of its sow housing options with the introduction of its Free Access Stall. In combination with Hog Slat's industry-proven stanchion system, this new stall can help producers meet changing welfare standards.

The most common free access layout consists of two rows of stalls with a common loafing area. As a sow enters the free access stall, the rear door locks behind, allowing her to eat or rest undisturbed. The back gate cannot be opened from the outside by other animals. She can return to the loafing area at any time by pushing against the rear door to release it. 

The stall locking system provides farmworkers with the flexibility to manage a sow herd safely and effectively. The front locking lever opens and closes a row of up to 20 stalls with a single motion. Rear individual locks permit retaining a single sow when unlocking the rest of the row.  Also, the lock design allows opening from the rear using a staff or paddle. A step-through rear gate gives the herdsman access for inseminating or treating sows.

Hog Slat's rugged construction uses large stainless steel pivot points to reduce wear along with bumpers in both the down and up positions for quiet operation. Hog Slat's free access stalls also feature a heavy galvanized finish, bolt on feed pipe, double waterer, and adjustable stainless steel feet and legs.

See Hog Slat’s Free Access Stall at the World Pork Expo by visiting our Booth V163 on June 9-11 in Des Moines, Iowa.


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