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Hendrix Genetics, BHZP extend pork pact

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New agreement is an extension of the earlier agreement from 2019.

Hendrix Genetics, global multi-species animal breeding company, and BHZP, Germany's largest pig breeding company, have reached an agreement to extend their contract to start production of DB77 boars in Spain in order to fulfill the growing demand of the db.77 boars in the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

The new agreement is an extension of the earlier agreement from 2019, in which Hendrix Genetics became distributor of the BHZP boar line to strategic customers in the Iberian Peninsula. The production of the DB77 boars will take place at a nucleus facility of Hendrix Genetics in Spain where the breeding support is carried out by BHZP. It brings production closer to the clients where the product is sold, reduces biosecurity risks and avoids long term transport and related animal welfare issues. Sales of db.77 boars have grown significant after the introduction of this line by Hendrix Genetics in 2019 and this has accelerated the earlier intentions to move part of the db.77 production to Spain.

“For us, this pact offers the opportunity to expand production to key markets such as Spain and Portugal,” stated BHZP General Managers Thomas Fischer, Hartmut Geerink and Dr. Stephan Welp, who have a clear view on the benefits of this deal extension. “Working with Hendrix Genetics opens up international markets, as they operate globally and have appropriate organizational and human resources structures in place.”

Jose Maria Requejo, general manager of Spain, Business Unit Swine at Hendrix Genetics, commented, “For customers, the deal brings an improved availability of this top boar within the Spanish territory. With the db.77 boar from BHZP, customers receive a finished product that meets the highest standards in feed conversion, carcass criteria and meat quality.”

Jeroen van de Camp, area director of Europe, Business Unit Swine at Hendrix Genetics, added:“Assuring we can deliver products during all time and at the highest biosecurity standards is what we think is key for the success of our clients. Collaboration is key and ultimately, this pact allows two companies to accomplish more together than they ever could alone, and we hope our clients will reap the reward.”

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