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The hog industry isn't afraid to work hard but steady growth and demand is also needed, says Dave Bauer, Provimi market analyst.

Thursday kicked off with net pork sales of 24,100 metric tons down 38% versus last week and up 3% versus the four-week average. Mexico, again led with 8,100 metric tons, or 33% of the total, followed by China with 4,500 metric tons, or 19%. Dave Bauer, market analyst with Provimi, leads off this episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork with a look at the week’s sales activity. As he does, each week, Bauer recaps some pork industry and market highlights and lists some of the things to think about for next week.

Thursday also brought the U.S. Department of Agriculture quarterly hogs and pigs report. Leading up to the report comments were suggesting this was one of the most anticipated reports in years, but after seeing the report, Bauer says he was a little disappointed in the results. He explains why.

Finally, China has some new COVID-19 restrictions on imports that are getting some attention and causing some concern. Take a listen to find out more.

These are uncertain times and it will pay dividends to be well-prepared. If you have questions on this week’s recap or want to discuss something not covered, feel free to ASK DAVE at David_Bauer@cargill.com. Plan today for tomorrow’s success.

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