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Evonik launches updated Biolys product for animal feeds

Article-Evonik launches updated Biolys product for animal feeds

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Product to be available beginning June 1, 2023, in its traditional packaging versions.

In keeping with the tradition of supplying the market with innovative products and solutions to benefit its customers, Evonik will launch a new generation of Biolys, a proven source of lysine for livestock feeds, on June 1.

The new Biolys formulation contains 62.4% L-lysine (an 80% ratio to Lysine HCl) compared to the current version’s 60% L-lysine (a 77% ratio to Lysine HCl). The product also contains valuable components resulting from its fermentation process — additional nutrients and energy that further benefit livestock such as swine or poultry.

“The new Biolys allows our customers to meet their animals’ requirements for the essential amino acid L-lysine even more efficiently. They can achieve the usual effect with less product,” said Dr. Martin Steffan, product manager Biolys at Evonik Animal Nutrition. “This is fully in line with our strategy to meet growing global demand for high-quality animal protein for healthy human nutrition using a minimum of natural resources.”

Biolys is produced by means of fermentation. Microorganisms convert dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, into L-lysine. The product contains L-lysine granulated with a nutritionally rich biomass. Since 2021, Evonik has managed to reduce the CO2 emissions from this production process by roughly 20%, leading to the lowest carbon footprint for lysine available on the market.

Biolys is produced at Evonik’s sites in Castro, Paraná, Brazil, and Blair, Nebraska, serving mainly the markets in the Americas, but also in the Middle East and in Africa. It will be available from June 1, 2023, in its traditional packaging versions.

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