Evonik, Fufeng partner to produce threonine

Fufeng will toll manufacture amino acid for Evonik using Evonik's technology.

Evonik and the Fufeng Group announced Jan. 11 that they have entered into a cooperation agreement for the production of ThreAMINO (L-threonine).

Fufeng, a Chinese company specializing in bio-fermentation, will toll manufacture ThreAMINO for Evonik using Evonik’s technology. This strategic partnership supports Evonik’s positioning and efficiency in the animal nutrition segment.

For the first time, Evonik is now able to offer ThreAMINO worldwide with a lean asset footprint, the announcement said.

"Our strategy reflects the recent dynamics of the feed amino acids market and helps Evonik to further optimize its bio-amino acid business. The agreement with Fufeng enables us to provide our full portfolio of amino acids to all of our customers. This way, we’re supporting our position in western and Asian markets and transforming our business model by focusing on our value creating strengths in sales, services and technology,” said Dr. Emmanuel Auer, head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik.

For all customers, supply security, product quality and personal contacts remain the same.

"This collaboration is a good example of how two strong partners join forces. By working together, we build the foundation for a long-lasting and trusting strategic partnership," added Zhao Qiang, chief executive officer of Fufeng Group.

The Junan, China-based Fufeng Group operates several large-scale production facilities in northern China and is the world’s largest producer of starch-based food and feed ingredients, with a strong record of manufacturing fermentative feed additives, according to the announcement. The collaboration with Evonik enables Fufeng to assume an important role in supplying amino acids.

L-Threonine, marketed as ThreAMINO by Evonik, is an essential amino acid that the body cannot produce itself, so animals must get it from their feed. An optimal L-threonine level improves the feed intake, weight gain and nutritional value of the feed.

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