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Elanco Animal Health stresses need for comprehensive salmonella management in poultry

U.S. Salmonella 360 platform launched at 2018 IPPE.

Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly & Co., announced the launch of its U.S. Salmonella 360 platform Jan. 30 during the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). Salmonella 360 is an innovative, holistic approach to salmonella control that utilizes food safety resources and experience from across the poultry industry.

Salmonella is the most prevalent bacterial cause of foodborne illness in the U.S., and nearly one-third of the 1 million cases reported each year can be attributed to eggs and poultry. The poultry industry is uniquely positioned to reduce this risk -- one that is shared within each stage of production and cannot be placed on processing plants alone, the company said.

"Elanco understands the role the industry has in reducing and mitigating salmonella risk, and Salmonella 360 is a resource that demonstrates the role all stages of production can play," said Dr. Sara Steinlage, Elanco poultry technical advisor.

True salmonella solutions require an integrated, comprehensive approach to food safety, which means every stage from egg to plate should be treated as the last line of defense, Elanco said.

"This is our tangible connection with consumers, and they are trusting us with the health and well-being of their families," added Dr. Scott Gustin, director of veterinary services at Tyson Foods. "Food safety is job number one for our industry, and the more we can bring that focus back to the farms where it all starts, the better."

Holistic approach

Bird health and food safety go hand in hand, which is why Elanco is instituting a focused effort on salmonella control at every stage of production.

Steinlage explained, "Salmonella has historically been viewed as a processing plant issue because it doesn't present health or performance issues for the bird itself. However, issues not seen in one stage of production can create significant issues in a later stage."

The health of a flock and the solutions implemented during grow-out play an important role in managing salmonella. Vaccinations, feed additives and water solubles can help strengthen bird health, giving a flock the ability to fight infections and reach their potential.

"Processing plants do a tremendous job as our last line of disease defense, but too much salmonella can stress the effectiveness of their interventions," Gustin said. "Live-side solutions can help us reduce incidence of salmonella earlier in the process so the entire burden doesn't fall on processors."

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