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Dedication planned for Farmers Cooperative’s new grain shuttle facility

Farmers Cooperative will hold a dedication June 13 for its new train shuttle facility near Frankfort, Kan.

Farmers Cooperative will hold a dedication for its new train shuttle facility near Frankfort, Kan., on June 13.

The Farmers Cooperative train loading shuttle is an advanced, automated grain handling system. This $30 million facility has a total storage capacity of 4.1 million bu. Farmers Cooperative said it plans to handle at least 8-10 million bu. each year from this facility.

The shuttle loader contains more than 8,000 ft. of track in a loop system. Unit trains with 110 cars can easily be loaded in fewer than 15 hours.

Producers delivering grain to the facility will find a state-of-the-art scale system that contains both inbound and outbound scales so drivers never need to leave the cab. Unloading by truck should be relatively quick with the three unloading pits that have a 49,000 bu.-per-hour elevation capacity.

According to Dennis Kenning, sales and marketing manager, the facility was constructed to better serve Kansas and southern Nebraska producers. "Our company has always believed in 'investing in our owners’ success,' and this is just one of the many ways we are reinvesting to better serve our patrons. We know that Frankfort is a great place to open a facility like this. Taxes from the investment help support government entities and it creates jobs," Kenning said.

Dale Hayek, Farmers Cooperative grain manager, added that “the facility will bring new grain markets to northeast Kansas. This will save freight expense while providing higher cash prices for grain. Economically, the facility will create more activity for Frankfort and the surrounding area. This is a long-term investment for the Farmers Cooperative.”

Farmers Cooperative includes major locations in Beattie, Frankfort, Summerfield, Marietta, Waterville, Blue Rapids, Hanover and Herkimer. The company headquarters is located in Dorchester, Neb.



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