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Collin Peterson partners with Combest Sell

Bipartisan alliance will protect and promote rural America and U.S. farmers and ranchers.

A strategic alliance was recently announced that marries Former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson’s 30 plus years of leadership in food and agriculture policy with Combest, Sell & Associates’ focused and determined advocacy for rural America.

Tom Sell and the Combest Sell firm have built a legacy of thoughtful and effective work on behalf of clients representing family farming and rural business and infrastructure from across the U.S., building a reputation for integrity, credibility, and depth on complex policy issues.

Chairman Peterson will deploy his vast experience in an advisory and consulting role with Combest Sell & Associates. Peterson will not lobby in the near term but will engage with current and future Combest Sell clients who seek to engage in meaningful ways to promote and protect policies that bolster U.S. agriculture and rural America.

“We are honored and excited to team up with Collin. While we come at issues from different political perspectives, we have always agreed on the goal of promoting a dynamic and diverse U.S. agriculture sector rooted in the family farms that bring stewardship and entrepreneurial creativity to the critical work they perform each day,” stated Tom Sell. “We must pursue bipartisan solutions to the complex problems of our day.  We believe our partnering with the former chairman will help our clients and all of U.S. agriculture promote policies that will meet the needs of a growing world into the future.”

Peterson added: “My heart has always been with and for America’s farm families who do an immeasurable good for our nation and world. I was fortunate to serve in the U.S. Congress for fifteen terms, and as leader on the Democratic side of the House Agriculture Committee since 2005. I am now very pleased to join forces with Tom and the crew at Combest Sell who have built a strong reputation for tireless and thoughtful advocacy. Together, we hope to raise the bar for all those affected by farm and food policy — providing wise counsel and building the case for strong and fair policies going forward.”




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