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Cobb planning project helps safeguard global poultry supply

Cobb-Vantress Inc. One of the Cobb breeding complexes in Brazil
One of the Cobb breeding complexes in Brazil
Integrating subsidiary in Brazil into company's Global Planning Project will help provide breeding stock to countries facing disease restrictions.

The integration of the Cobb-Vantress subsidiary in Brazil into the company’s Global Planning Project will help provide supplies of breeding stock at times when disease restrictions affect supplies in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Global Planning Project provides the ability to source breeding stock from Cobb operations in different parts of the world to meet specific orders, the company said. The Southern Hemisphere has been relatively free from avian influenza, and the Cobb operation in Brazil, along with the new great-grandparent operation being developed in New Zealand, will play an important role in this capability.

The Cobb operation in Brazil is now fully integrated into the Global Planning Project. "This platform is strategically designed to meet product demand in situations when availability is affected by restrictions between countries following cases of avian influenza," said Ellen Machado, Cobb-Vantress manager for planning and foreign trade.

“If the disease occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, we intend to help maintain supplies to customers in this part of the world,” Machado said.

When the Cobb operation in Brazil does step in to supply breeding stock for another subsidiary, the price and conditions of sale continue to be determined by the subsidiary making the sale.

The Brazilian subsidiary has already provided stock sold to poultry operations in countries including the Philippines, South Africa, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Oman, Turkey, the U.K., Spain, Dominican Republic and Russia.

Although these sales have been limited to periods when there are disease restrictions, the Global Planning Project reinforces the ability of Cobb to supply breeding stock anywhere in the world as well as strengthen long-term relationships with customers, according to the announcement.

Cobb-Vantress was established in Brazil in 1995 and has taken the Cobb500 broiler breeder to a strong position in the country and across South America. Cobb’s Brazilian headquarters are located in Guapiaçu in the state of São Paulo, and the subsidiary has approximately 690 employees.

With headquarters in Siloam Springs, Ark., Cobb-Vantress is the world’s oldest pedigree broiler breeder and distributes poultry to more than 120 countries.

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