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Cargill introduces new rapeseed dielectric fluid

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FR3r fluid is latest natural ester solution from company.

Cargill has launched FR3r natural ester, a new transformer insulating fluid derived from more than 95% rapeseed oil.

Utilities, transformer manufacturers and commercial building owners around the globe seeking a higher performing, more reliable and more sustainable insulating fluid than mineral oil now have a 100% biodegradable natural ester option made from the renewable rapeseed plant. 

“As the original natural ester manufacturer, Cargill continues to expand our portfolio of highly renewable plant-based solutions for industrial needs around the globe and the launch of FR3r fluid is another example of how we’re meeting the needs of our customers to achieve their sustainability goals,” said Javi McGuiggan, global category leader in Cargill’s Bioindustrial group. “Developing more natural ester options for the power generation and distribution industry provides better alternatives for customers around the globe who continue to expand their sustainability efforts while also looking for higher performing products.”

Compared to traditional mineral oil, FR3r continuously dries paper insulation without creating any harmful by-products and contains no petroleum, halogens, silicones or sulfurs, helping extend insulation life up to eight times longer and ensures that transformers are able to meet the challenging and growing demands placed on the power grid. 

Plant-based natural ester continues to replace traditional mineral oil in transformers around the world as users seek more sustainable and reliable solutions. FR3r fluid is K-class certified, helping mitigate the risk of fire because of its exceptionally high firepoint of 360-degrees Celsius compared to only 160-degress Celsius with mineral oil and can achieve up to 20% more loading capacity. Through Cargill’s long-standing technical and manufacturing expertise within the natural ester space, FR3r meets all relevant industry standards and approvals, such as IEC and IEEE requirements.

FR3r joins a diverse portfolio of Cargill Bioindustrial plant-based solutions for a variety of manufacturing needs including asphalt rejuvenation, immersion cooling, adhesives and binders, wax and lubricants.



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