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BioZyme product to enhance egg quality

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AO-Biotics EQE is the first postbiotic of its kind.

Egg producers now have a new solution for egg quality. BioZyme Inc. has introduced AO-Biotics EQE, the first-and-only AO postbiotic developed specifically for layers, using patent pending technology.

Unlike ordinary postbiotics, AO-Biotics EQE starts with BioZyme’s proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae (AO), a fungus used to specially ferment biotics that are tailored to address specific animal production challenges.

“BioZyme has used AO in a proprietary fermentation process for more than 70 years to create prebiotics like Amaferm, designed to enhance digestibility,” explained Cesar Ocasio, BioZyme business development and innovation manager. “Now, through the AO-Biotics brand, BioZyme offers a new line of prebiotics and postbiotics, matched to specific animal health challenges, well-being and productivity. The way we have developed these products is truly innovative and a game changer for the industry.”

Research-driven, with hands-on ownership from discovery to market, AO-Biotics EQE delivers a new level of performance for customers ready to solve things differently. This unique product has been proven to enhance egg quality and egg production through both university research and field trials. On average, including EQE in the diet throughout the production cycle has been shown to increase the number of sellable eggs per hen and egg mass by approximately 3%. Results also show an approximate 3% improvement in egg production and a remarkable 20-25% reduction in mortality.

“We’re proud to introduce AO-Biotics EQE to help egg producers essentially do more with less,” says Lisa Norton, BioZyme president and chief operating officer. “Our proprietary fermentation processes are backed by decades of knowledge and research that we are leveraging to enable passionate solutions to animal agriculture’s challenges. That includes AO-Biotics EQE, which certainly delivers.”


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