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Beef. It's What's For Dinner highlights new cuts

"New cuts of meat" named top food trend for 2018 in survey of 700 chefs.

The annual "What's Hot" culinary forecast released by the National Restaurant Assn. has named "new cuts of meat" as the top trend for 2018. As the authority on all things beef, the Beef. It's What's For Dinner Culinary Center chefs and meat scientists put together a list of the top five innovative cuts you need to know: shoulder tender, sirloin Bavette, Coulotte, petite sirloin and tri-tip roast.

While many of these cuts are available to the home cook, some are just starting to gain popularity in restaurants.

"If you like brisket, you might want to try a tri-tip roast, or if you're in the mood for strip steak, you will probably enjoy the Coulotte," explained chef Laura Hagen, senior director of culinary for National Cattlemen's Beef Assn., a contractor to the beef checkoff. "It's exciting to see innovative cuts gain popularity across the country. Diners and home cooks shouldn't let a name they don't recognize keep them from trying something new."

The new website has a section dedicated to beef cuts, with details including where the cut comes from, how to cook it and similar cuts that can be substituted.

For example:

  • The shoulder tender is a lean cut that is shaped like the tenderloin but smaller. Like tenderloin, it can be cut into medallions and is great for grilling, roasting or broiling.
  • The sirloin Bavette, also known as the sirloin flap, is a thin, boneless cut that's great for fajita meat. It should be marinated and then grilled or broiled.
  • The Coulotte, a juicy, savory roast, is known by many other names, including top sirloin cap. It is best roasted in the oven or smoked slowly on the grill. It can also be cut into Coulotte steaks.
  • The petite sirloin, also known as the ball tip, is a small roast that a great cut for someone looking to maximize value and can be roasted, broiled or braised.
  • Finally, the tri-tip roast is well known across much of the West but is just gaining popularity on the East Coast. This lean cut is tender, full of flavor and can be grilled, roasted, braised or broiled.

“The new year is the perfect time to try a new cut of beef or a new beef recipe,” BEEF noted. “With more than 60% of whole muscle beef cuts considered lean and CattleFax experts predicting beef prices to be down in 2018, people can enjoy beef's great taste all year long.”

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