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BASF, arc-net collaborate to use blockchain for livestock sustainability

Preliminary phase of pilot project will focus on collecting data to evaluate sustainability measures within a controlled setting at farm level.

BASF Corp. and arc-net are collaborating to use blockchain technology to capture and analyze sustainability parameters in livestock production along the value chain, according to an April 17 announcement.

Arc-net is a technology company that utilizes blockchain to provide transparency in the agri-food industry. As part of this collaboration, BASF will use its tailored calculation tool, AgBalance Livestock, to provide science-based information on environmental impacts along the animal production value chain, the companies said.

With global pressure to reduce emissions from the agricultural and livestock sectors, consumers and regulators worldwide are becoming more focused on setting defined sustainability criteria, the announcement said. BASF and arc-net are collaborating to support the animal production value chain in meeting these demands.

BASF said its calculation tool AgBalance Livestock considers the life-cycle impact of all inputs and outputs of animal protein production, i.e., from feedstuffs and feed production to animal farming and manure management to slaughter. By combining this tool with arc-net’s blockchain technology, valuable sustainability information and verifiable data on provenance of meat, milk and eggs can be generated, the companies said.

The preliminary phase of the pilot project will focus on collecting data for evaluating sustainability measures within a controlled setting at the farm level. In parallel, automated farm-level data capture and environmental output calculation will be combined via blockchain. This information will provide the environmental footprint as well as full transparency and traceability along the entire value chain.

In the future, this project will enable consumers to make informed choices about the meat they eat via a unique, on-pack, scannable code, providing information on the product’s provenance and environmental footprint, according to the announcement.

“Venturing into this collaboration with arc-net is a key milestone in our efforts to enable our customers to grow sustainably,” said Alexa Beaver, digital innovation, BASF. “We never stop thinking about what more we can do to create valuable sustainable measures, and this project is a great step forward.”

Kieran Kelly, arc-net chief executive officer, added, “The pilot aims to show how this application of the arc-net blockchain and AgBalance Livestock tool can support a connected community to increase collaboration and provide valuable insights on how environmental impacts can be mitigated across the livestock sector. Working with BASF to promote sustainability and innovation to deliver better outcomes is extremely exciting, and arc-net is looking forward to helping BASF and its customers achieve their goals and objectives worldwide.”

BASF Corp., headquartered in Florham Park, N.J., is the North American affiliate of BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF has nearly 17,500 employees in North America and had sales of $16.2 billion in 2016.

Arc-net is a technology company headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Focusing on the use of blockchain technology, arc-net works with industry stakeholders to help leverage value from transparency and traceability in their supply systems and networks.

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