Bactana expands global intellectual property portfolio

Start-up secures rights to additional proprietary technologies from Cornell University.

Bactana Animal Health, a company developing sustainable products that enhance the microbiome and improve efficiency of livestock farming while reducing the use of antibiotics and hormones in the world’s food supply, announced July 25 that it has licensed additional intellectual property from Cornell University.

These new proprietary technologies expand the breadth of the company’s intellectual property portfolio to include issued and pending patent rights not only relating to weight gain and disease reduction but also to milk production and antimicrobials and covering a variety of species, including cattle, swine, poultry and other animals.

These technologies are based on the discoveries of a team led by Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho, professor of dairy production medicine at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and chief scientific officer at Bactana.

“Bactana continues to pursue new global opportunities to deliver our FPS-4 technology platform while we simultaneously perform research to validate the efficacy and mechanism of action of our breakthrough discoveries,” Bactana chief executive officer John Kallassy said. “FPS-4 continues to demonstrate remarkable benefits, and this additional intellectual property will allow us and our prospective partners to protect and expand our platform as we begin to prepare for global commercialization.”

Distinct from antibiotics, which contribute to human antibiotic resistance, Bactana’s FPS-4 platform is based on the interaction of a naturally occurring collection of bacteria isolates the company calls "Pioneer Gut Colonizers" and an animal’s intestinal microbiota and immune system.

Bactana Animal Health is a global, development-stage animal health company focused on the gut microbiota. Its FPS-4 product development platform is initially being developed for food-producing animals. On its website, the company notes that FPS-4 is not yet commercially available.

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