ASAS, ADSA to align annual meetings again

ASAS and ADSA reach agreement to host back-to-back annual meetings starting in 2021.

A reunion, in a sense, is in the works for the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and the American Dairy Science Assn. (ADSA).

The two groups had, at one time, worked together to hold a joint annual meeting, but they split ways and went with separate shows starting this year. ADSA, which attracted about 1,900-plus attendees, held its annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., in late June. ASAS is holding its meeting in Baltimore, Md., this week and anticipates an attendance of 1,500 animal scientists from around the world.

At the ASAS opening session on Saturday night, it was announced that an agreement had been reached with ADSA to host back-to-back annual meetings starting in 2021. Under the new format, the meetings will share an overlapping day, which will be an advantage for trade show exhibitors who will be able to catch the last few days of one meeting and the first few days of the other meeting all at the same trip, said Dr. Debora Hamernik, ASAS president.

Hamernik said a joint committee comprised of ADSA and ASAS leadership has been exploring options for the past year and decided the back-to-back meeting approach would be a viable option that allows the groups to maintain their individual meetings while sharing the benefits of meeting at the same time.

A location for the 2021 meeting has not been chosen yet. Hamernik said bids are out at this time. She noted that previous commitments for convention space prohibit the two groups from moving any sooner than 2021 on this new approach.

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