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Animine launches new source of purified manganese

Animine ManGrin.png
A highly purified manganese source obtained by a unique process of manufacturing.

Animine, a French and independent supplier of added value trace minerals, launched a new, innovative source of manganese during a 100% digital event. The company is completing its global portfolio of speciality trace elements through the integration of the new product, ManGrin.

ManGrin is obtained by a unique process of manufacturing. It is a highly purified manganese source which makes it different from all others available on the market. The product provides a range of features that provide differentiating advantages, including:

  • High concentration- The highest actually, ManGrin provides a minimum of 75% of Manganese when most other sources vary between less than 10% to 60% for standard Manganese oxide
  • High flowability- A key parameter is the reduction of airborne particles when handling such neurotoxic compounds as Manganese
  • High safety standards- ManGrin heavy metal (As, Cd. And Pb) content is far below other sources’ accepted level in EU legislation
  • High stability- The characteristics of ManGrin make it less reactive to its environment, limiting interactions with other compounds from the premix preparation to the digestive tract.
  • High bioavailability- When combined with previous advantages guarantees sustainable high performance.

Animine said particular attention should be drawn to the flowability and the homogeneous particle size of ManGrin. The low content in fines is especially interesting in the frame of the OEL (Operational Exposure Limit) defined by EU Directive (UE) 2017/164. In Europe, employers are expected to monitor and to limit the exposure of workers regarding neurotoxic manganese dust.

Manganese is the 5th most abundant element on earth and is an essential trace element. It is involved in skeleton and cartilage development, immunity, fertility and more. Tested in broilers, ManGrin revealed significant higher liver content compared to other sources, a sign of higher bioavailability.  

ManGrin is a new product which completes the Animine portfolio already comprised of two specialties: Hizox, the potentiated zinc oxide, and CoRouge, the only monovalent copper source allowed for the feed market.



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