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The Andersons expanding organic products and services

Expansion to help meet growing demand for bulk organic nutrients in the Eastern Corn Belt and Midwest.

The Andersons Inc. recently announced it has expanded its organic storage in Waterloo, Ind., to meet the growing demand for bulk organic nutrients in the Eastern Corn Belt and Midwest. Through a partnership with Intrepid Potash, the company is now selling OMRI Listed granular Muriate of Potash (MOP 0-0-60) from its Waterloo facility.

MOP is ideal for growers who are looking to add potassium to their organic fertility programs. It provides high-grade potassium for maximizing energy efficiency for application. Intrepid MOP has the added benefit that it is produced using natural, sustainable methods and resources.

“Intrepid is excited to partner with The Andersons in providing sustainable, high-quality organic nutrient products for organic growers in the Eastern Corn Belt,” said Alex Uhls, Intrepid’s organic ag manager.

Sarah Pirolli, vice president and general manager of The Andersons Plant Nutrient segment, commented, “We are excited about this partnership to further our support for organic agriculture. Our Waterloo facility is the only organic MOP bulk warehouse in the Midwest. This asset allows us to grow and provide more options for producers who are looking to source their organic plant nutrient needs.”

Other organic-approved products currently available at Waterloo include The Andersons NutraLime OP, NutraSoft OP, Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG, and SmartPhos DG Natural as well as Chilean Nitrate, organic sulfur, and organic boron.

The Andersons is working to add more organic products and services in 2021 to better serve organic producers.

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