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American Egg Board expands promotions at White House Easter Egg Roll

White House
Variety of activities showcase eggs and America’s egg farmers.

The 139th White House Easter Egg Roll kicked off April 17 with the American Egg Board (AEB) presenting First Lady Melania Trump with the 40th annual Commemorative Egg. AEB chairman Jeff Hardin and president and chief executive officer Anne Alonzo made the presentation on behalf of egg farmers. A presentation has been made to every Administration since the tradition started with the Carters.

"I am deeply honored to present the Commemorative Egg on behalf of America's egg farmers," Hardin said. "We are delighted to take part in the White House Easter Egg Roll by educating people about where eggs come from and providing EggPops -- a portable, nutritious hard-boiled egg on a stick -- to everyone on the South Lawn."

This year’s Commemorative Egg was an extra-large egg that artist Linda Gaus Asbell of Denton, Texas, carved, painted and then decorated with red, white, blue and gold Swarovski crystals.


In addition to the Commemorative Egg, AEB donated more than 30,000 real hard-boiled eggs for egg rolling, the egg hunt, egg decorating and egg snacking. AEB also brought the egg production process to life to the parents and children in attendance through AEB’s whimsical “An Egg’s Journey from Farm to Table Eggsperience.”

The Eggsperience featured: interactions with the Hollywood Hens, realistic imitation hens; photo cutouts showcasing the hen house, processing and delivery, and a play kitchen where children got hands-on experience moving eggs from the fridge to the stove to their breakfast, lunch and dinner plates. A new “Step & Repeat” created additional photo opportunities on the South Lawn. Eggy, the popular Incredible Egg character, also took pictures with kids and adults.

Key information about eggs was placed throughout the expanded exhibit space and the South Lawn. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions of egg experts, including a large number of egg farmers in attendance.

For the first time, EggPop sampling took place on the South Lawn. All volunteers also wore the hats and aprons featuring both the official White House Easter Egg Roll logo and Incredible Logo, which are donated by America’s egg farmers annually.

“This entire event highlights the role eggs play in our country’s time-honored traditions, and America’s egg farmers are happy to support this incredible event,” Hardin stated.

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