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Adisseo, Kemin opt not to renew existing EMEA ruminant distribution agreement

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Adisseo to accelerate development of its specialty business globally, including dedicated team in Europe/Middle East/Africa region.

Adisseo and Kemin jointly announced April 29 the decision to not renew their distribution agreement involving the Smartamine, MetaSmart and Microvit A Supra Ruminant products in the Europe/Middle East/Africa region (EMEA) beyond its current term, which ends on Dec. 31, 2019.

The companies said since 2006, they have worked together to successfully grow awareness in the industry about amino acid balancing and its benefits for dairy nutrition, including:

  •  Allowing dairy farmers to extract full value from the ration they feed their cows while often reducing the cost of the ration.
  •  Improving performance visible through greater milk yields, milk protein and milkfat contents.
  •  Demonstrating that methionine reduces metabolic-related health issues, such as ketosis, during the transition phase around calving.
  •  Stimulating better breed-backs, more full-term pregnancies and shorter calving intervals in the field of reproduction.
  •  Reducing nitrogen excretion and the environmental impact of dairy production.

“I want to thank Kemin for our successful and close cooperation these past 13 years to raise awareness on amino acids and its contribution to improving dairy nutrition in the EMEA region,” Adisseo chief executive officer Jean-Marc Dublanc said. “Moving forward, by strengthening our leadership on methionine, Adisseo’s ambition is to accelerate the development of its specialty business globally. In Europe and the Middle East and Africa regions, it will be the future mission of our fully dedicated and specialized team.”

Stefaan Van Dyck, president of Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health-EMENA, stated, “For more than a decade, we worked jointly with Adisseo towards developing a successful methionine business. To achieve this, we combined the Kemin strong sales development with Adisseo’s [research and development] strengths. Going forward, Kemin will focus on further extending its ruminant portfolio in order to offer a full range of nutritional solutions for sustainable and profitable dairy production.”

The companies said the end of the agreement will be effective on Dec. 31, and until that date, Kemin remains the exclusive distributor of Adisseo's Smartamine, MetaSmart and Microvit A Supra 1000 Ruminant products for the EMEA region.

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