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Adisseo, Calysta venture to commercialize aquaculture solution

Partnership would oversee construction of first commercial production facility producing feed-grade protein from fermented natural gas.

Bluestar Adisseo Co. and Calysta, an alternative protein producer, signed an agreement Feb. 20 to establish a joint venture named Calysseo to develop FeedKind, a novel feed protein solution for aquaculture, and to provide exclusive supply for Asian markets.

The strategic partnership will also lead to construction in China of the world’s first commercial FeedKind production facility, with the first phase expected to start operating in 2022, delivering 20,000 metric tons of FeedKind protein per year.

According to the announcement, FeedKind is made using very little water and no agricultural land by fermenting natural gas -- an abundant source of energy -- to create a safe, nutritious, traceable and affordable protein.

Produced via a natural fermentation, FeedKind is a traceable nutritional protein that is price competitive with existing sources of protein, the companies said.

“Adisseo is committed to strategic investments in new disruptive technologies. Our ambition is to become one of the leaders in sustainable feed ingredients and additives for aquaculture across the Asian markets," Adisseo chief executive officer Jean-Marc Dublanc said. "For this reason, we have been investing significantly to develop an aqua lab station in Singapore, fully dedicated to developing innovative and sustainable feed solutions for aquaculture."

He added, "With this joint venture, we are investing further in a strategic collaboration, combining the agility of a startup with Adisseo’s expertise to enable Adisseo to become a major contributor to food safety and sustainability in Asia via innovation.”

Calysta chief operating officer Dr. Thomas J.G. Huot said, “Adisseo is one of the world’s leading feed additive companies, and this exciting new partnership with Calysta marks a significant moment in the FeedKind story."

The global aquaculture market is experiencing strong growth and is expected to become the third-largest animal protein source, with the production representing more than 100 million metric tons, the announcement said.

Through this strategic partnership, Adisseo is tackling one of the key challenges faced by the aquaculture industry: providing high-quality seafood without adding extra pressures on the environment.

The second phase of the partnership will add a further 80,000 mt of capacity to the site, allowing for extended market penetration that leads to further development to follow customer demand.

“Adisseo looks forward to developing this partnership with Calysta, as this innovative technology will support and accelerate the development of its business in aquaculture while providing additional opportunities to tackle the dual challenge of meeting the world’s need for healthier, safer, affordable and sustainable food for tomorrow while at the same time contributing to protect the planet’s resources,” Dublanc added.

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