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Acceligen opens doors in Brazil

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Acceligen Brazil 2.jpg Acceligen
Recombinetics subsidiary opens first international office in Brazil.

Acceligen, a leading precision breeding company for food animals, announced that it is opening Acceligen do Brazil in Aracatuba, Sao Paolo state, to better meet the needs for commercialization of traits to improve cattle, swine and fish in Brazil.

Plans to develop operations in Aracatuba were initiated by internal funding and will be the company's first international office location, Acceligen said.

Acceligen do Brazil will offer its precision breeding services, including tolerance to heat stress, to local cattle producers in the beef and dairy industries, the announcement said.

The company's presence in Brazil marks an opportunity to deploy gene-edited traits in adapted breeds of South America as well as to introduce new breeds adapted for tropical production conditions.

These initiatives are also well aligned with Acceligen's new project in sub-Saharan Africa to help improve dairy genetics for smallholder farmers.

The opening of Acceligen's new Aracatuba office in Brazil is an important step towards accessing the immense potential for improved livestock genetics in a tropical market, according to chief executive officer Dr. Tad Sonstegard. The opening of this international office comes as one of many initiatives Acceligen is launching in 2020 and 2021.

Acceligen do Brazil's office will handle germplasm import, animal housing, regulatory approvals and local business development. These efforts are supported by Tiago Lot Nunes and Dr. Ana Maria Perez O'Brien with collaborative support from VTBeef owned by Dr. Fernando Garcia.

Acceligen primarily functions in the livestock gene editing industry, providing livestock improvements for animal health and well-being that, in turn, empower farmers to increase sustainable production.

Founded in 2014, Acceligen is a recognized global leader in the development, deployment and commercialization of precision animal breeding technologies. Acceligen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recombinetics Inc.

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