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Zinpro launches ProPath family of trace mineral products

Zinpro Corp. ProPath bags
ProPath utilizes synergistic absorption pathways to optimize mineral metabolism.

Zinpro Corp. announced ProPath, its most versatile Performance Minerals innovation for the U.S. and Mexico to optimize trace mineral nutrition for multiple species.

According to the company, the ProPath family of products delivers benefits to animals and customers that include a highly concentrated mineral formulation, exceptional uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency, product stability, solubility and sustainability.

ProPath is classified as a metal amino acid complex and is the only organic performance trace mineral product that combines two specific amino acids, each bound (or complexed) to a mineral, such as zinc, copper, iron or manganese, in a stable, 1:1 ratio, Zinpro said. ProPath’s unique molecular structure results in a more sustainable choice to improve animal wellness and performance.

“Our ProPath product line relies on two synergistic, amino-acid absorption pathways (cationic and anionic) to elevate trace mineral nutrition accessibility in the animal,” said Zinpro president and chief executive officer Bill Scrimgeour. “By optimizing these pathways, our ProPath innovation advances the science of animal nutrition, allowing minerals to be more effectively absorbed and metabolically available in the animal’s organs, tissues and enzyme systems. With greater mineral optimization, ProPath provides multiple benefits — for the animal, the producer and the environment.”

Highly adaptable, ProPath is flexible for use in a wide variety of diets, including conventional or specialty (like non-genetically modified organism), wet or dry.

For more information about ProPath and its benefits, visit: www.zinpro.com/products/propath.

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