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Provimi updates amino acid balancing technology

Research shows how AmNeo helps calves develop in ways crude protein alone can’t.

The crucial first weeks of a calf’s life play a key role in future success. That’s why Provimi announced a breakthrough in calf nutrition with their updated amino acid balancing technology, AmNeo.

It’s not enough to provide crude protein by itself to calves, Provimi said. It’s about delivering the right sequence of essential amino acids. Using AmNeo to supplement specific amino acids in a calf’s diet reduces the need to increase crude protein, while maximizing overall efficiency, average dairy gain (ADG) and cost effectiveness.

With an updated proprietary formula, AmNeo has shown to have the following effects on calf development:

* 10% average increase in total weight gain and 13% increase in frame growth across trials when feeding an optimal 24% protein, 17% fat milk replacer, and

* 14% increase in weight gain and 12% increase in frame growth when feeding a conventional 20% protein, 20% fat milk replacer.

The benefits of amino acid balancing are well-documented when feeding poultry, swine, veal calves and commercial dairy cattle, but Provimi said it is one of the first to actively research its effects on dairy calf performance.

Studies conducted at Provimi’s Nurture Research Center (NRC) have specifically investigated amino acid requirements for milk replacer-fed calves, addressing the optimum amino acid-to-energy ratio in milk replacers and identifying the ideal formulation of milk replacers based on limiting amino acids.

In previous NRC studies, calves fed the original AmNeo formula saw the following results:

* 9% increase in growth when used in conventional milk replacers as compared to calves fed milk replacer without amino acid balancing technology;

* 15% increase in growth when used in optimal milk replacers as compared to calves fed milk replacer without amino acid balancing technology, and

* Increased nitrogen efficiency with increasing amino acid inclusion in calves fed a 17% fat milk replacer at 1.5 lb. per day.

Backed by the strength of Cargill, Provimi partners with animal producers and feed manufacturers to provide custom, leading-edge nutrition solutions in the dairy, beef, pork and poultry industries.

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