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PMI Nutritional Additives introduces Peloton yeast feed additive

Active dry yeast blended with functional ingredients supports gut integrity.

PMI Nutritional Additives announced the launch of Peloton yeast feed additive to help livestock producers maintain rumen health and digestive efficiency. Peloton yeast feed additive is a thermal stable blend of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and PMI’s Fulfill feed additive.

“We’re excited to offer a new yeast product that gives livestock producers a cost-effective tool to support feed intake and optimal gut integrity,” said Dr. Peter Karnezos, director, research and technical services at PMI Nutritional Additives, a Land O’Lakes Inc. business focused solely on feed additives. “Achieving gut integrity means nutrients are more efficiently used to support production goals.”

Karnezos said the use of active live yeast, combined with Fulfill feed additive, makes Peloton yeast feed additive unique. The proprietary blend is encapsulated to protect the live yeast during pelletizing and storage so the yeast is activated directly in the rumen. The activated yeast supports healthy digestive activity and facilitates microbial protein flow from the rumen to the lower gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to the documented benefits of live yeast in stabilizing rumen pH, functional ingredients like mannans and beta-glucans help support gut health and integrity.

“The introduction of Peloton yeast feed additive reinforces PMI’s driving purpose to expand what’s possible in animal performance,” added Adam DeRosier, general manager of PMI Nutritional Additives. “Livestock producers are demanding alternatives that fit their nutrition goals and deliver cost-effective performance.”

Peloton yeast feed additive is effective in the diets of dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats, equine, swine and poultry. Livestock producers can contact their local nutritionist to request Peloton yeast feed additive.

To learn more about PMI Nutritional Additives and its products, visit www.PMINutritionalAdditives.com.

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