Phibro introduces Cellerate Yeast Solutions

Practical yeast solutions for healthy animals and a healthy bottom line.

Phibro Animal Health Corp. introduced March 1 Cellerate Yeast Solutions, practical solutions for healthy animals and a healthy bottom line. With Cellerate Yeast Solutions, Phibro offers a complementary lineup of products to enhance Phibro’s flagship portfolio that includes products such as OmniGen-AF, Animate, AB20 and GemStone.

The Cellerate Yeast Solutions announcement reinforces Phibro’s commitment to quality and to its customers in the animal nutrition industry.

With access to an expanded portfolio of innovative yeast products, Phibro customers can achieve their desired return on investment by working with Phibro experts who can provide a deep knowledge of the efficacy of yeast and yeast components.

“At Phibro, we always ask ourselves, ‘How can we help our customers maintain the health of their animals and achieve a return via improved health and milk yield?’” said William Mead, business unit manager for the Phibro yeast products portfolio. “Similar to other products in the Phibro lineup, Cellerate Yeast Solutions can be blended by us with other additives, to meet customers’ needs and requirements.”

As Cellerate Yeast Solutions strengthens Phibro’s nutritional portfolio, the line will be supported by extensive experience, research and results.

“Additionally, Cellerate Yeast Solutions feed additives are backed by Phibro’s Dynamic Quality Assurance (DQA) program," which helps protect "your products, your people and your business, from the strain selection process all the way through delivery,” Mead said.

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