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Nutrena launches equine recovery feed technology

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ProForce Rebound Technology offers unique health benefits to competition horses.

For competition horse owners who want the best for their equine athletes, finding the right feed with guaranteed levels of amino acids and gastric support is often a challenge. Add performance recovery requirements to the list, and the feed search becomes even more difficult, according an announcement from Cargill.

Horse owners now have access to a feed that provides performance horses with the essential nutrition they need to recover.

Cargill's Nutrena ProForce feeds now include Rebound Technology, a proprietary blend of research-backed, Food & Drug Administration-approved branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and chromium that decreases muscle fatigue, improves muscle recovery and restores energy after strenuous exercise, the announcement said.

Exclusive to ProForce, Rebound Technology helps horses recover from competition or hard work faster, enabling a return to high performance work and competition, the announcement said. The updated product line features unique feeds to meet a horse's needs, including:

  • ProForce Fuel — a high-fat, controlled-starch feed for equine athletes and hard keepers;
  • ProForce Senior — a high-fat, controlled-starch, beet pulp-based feed for the active older horse, and
  • ProForce Fuel XF — a new high-fat, controlled-starch, beet pulp- and oat-based feed that includes extra fiber (Fuel XF is available only in select markets in the U.S.).

"Horses are athletes just like humans, so we approached the development of this feed in a way that is comparable to human athletic recovery," said Russell Mueller, equine category lead for Cargill. "Competition is hard work, and can take a toll on a horse when done many days in a row. Recovery is essential to performing at a high level day after day. We developed a product that competitive riders and trainers can feel confident in to provide optimal recovery for consecutive performance days."

The ProForce product line also features Nutrena's exclusive Topline Balance for topline support, Nutri-Bloom Advantage for better fiber digestion and marine-sourced calcite to support gastric health, a major source of concern for many performance horse owners. These technologies, combined with pre- and probiotics, added antioxidants and organic trace minerals provide equine athletes the premium nutrition they need to bring their best to the show ring.

ProForce is offered in 50-lb. bags across the U.S. and is available at more than 4,000 Nutrena retailers.

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