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New software streamlines custom vaccine management for livestock vets

Newport Laboratories HerdPoint logo
Newport Laboratories launches new solution that streamlines nonadjacent herd approval process and ongoing isolate management for custom-made livestock vaccines.

Newport Laboratories Inc., a leader in livestock custom-made vaccines (CMVs), has launched HerdPoint, a new solution for veterinarians that streamlines the nonadjacent herd approval process and ongoing isolate management, all from a mobile phone or computer.

Use of CMVs in livestock herds other than the herds of origin can be a time- and cost-saving strategy for veterinarians and producers, Newport Laboratories said. Until now, the nonadjacent-herd approval process was largely manual and paper-based. HerdPoint, which is exclusively available to Newport Laboratories customers, streamlines that process by bringing it online and removing the need to sign and send documentation through the mail.

HerdPoint also creates a portal through which veterinarians can view and manage all of their clients’ existing and past isolates from Newport Laboratories, giving them greater visibility into isolate status and expiration dates, including those from adjacent and nonadjacent herds, according to the announcement. With all of this information in one place and accessible from a mobile device, veterinarians can provide real-time insights and recommendations to their clients on herd-health solutions.

“Based on working with livestock veterinarians on custom-made vaccines for the past 20 years, we understand how busy they are,” said Mike Steilen, head of marketing for Newport Laboratories. “HerdPoint gives them greater flexibility and allows them to spend less time behind their desks and more time in the field, working with their clients and ensuring the health and well-being of their animals.”

Specifically, Newport Laboratories said HerdPoint allows veterinarians to easily accomplish the following tasks online:

* Fill out, sign, submit and track nonadjacent herd approval documents;

* View and manage isolates and custom-made vaccine records across their client portfolio, including product numbers, expiration dates, extension requests and more.

“We’re proud to show our dedication to the veterinarians we serve by creating a software that provides them with fast access to data,” said Dr. Edgar Diaz, president of Newport Laboratories. “Customer service and innovation are at the core of who we are at Newport Laboratories, and HerdPoint is an example of how we bring those values to life.”

To learn more about Newport Laboratories and HerdPoint, including how to get started using it, click here.

Newport Laboratories Inc. is a Boehringer Ingelheim company and the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom-made vaccines. Located in Worthington, Minn., Newport Laboratories assists veterinarians and livestock producers in their efforts to address animal health problems through cutting-edge diagnostic testing and production of high-quality, evidence-based, custom-made vaccines.

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