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Motomco launches new Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs

Motomco Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs
Since Hawk Meal Bait is a loose bait, the Place Pacs help keep it contained and makes it much easier to apply in hard to reach areas.

One of the most popular rodenticides in agriculture can now be used in even more places and situations. Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs combine the palatability and acceptance of Meal Bait with the convenience of pre-measured Place Pacs, according to an announcement from Motomco.

Increasingly, Meal Bait has become a preferred method for farmers and producers, particularly in the swine and poultry industries, to control rodent problems, Motomco said. The formula, composed of a unique blend of seeds, oats and grains, has a variety of textures and flavors that rats and mice love to eat. Combined with the potent second-generation anticoagulant Bromadiolone, Hawk Meal Bait is an excellent bait for managing various rodent issues.

Until now, Hawk Meal Bait was only available in bulk — 25 or 50 lb. sizes. Producers now have an option to buy the same Meal Bait in a pail of pre-packaged, 1.5 oz. Place Pacs. In addition, dealers and farm stores that sell Motomco products can now offer Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs to their customers at a retail-friendly size and price point.

Since Hawk Meal Bait is a loose bait, the Place Pacs help keep it contained and makes it much easier to apply in hard to reach areas like corners, attics or other tight spaces, Motomco said. In addition, the Place Pacs help keep the bait fresh by protecting it from moisture, dirt and dust.

“The producers I work with have been asking for Meal in Place Pacs for a while — they love the Meal Bait, but there are some situations where a bulk bait doesn’t work. Having it available in a Place Pac will be so much more convenient for my customers,” said Scott Miller, senior territory manager for Motomco.

Motomco is committed to continually developing ways to improve rodent control in the agriculture industry, and Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs are the latest example of our dedication to finding solutions.

Hawk Meal Bait Place Pacs will be available in an 86 count pail of 1.5 oz. Place Pacs and began shipping Oct. 10 through Motomco’s nationwide network of distributors and animal health suppliers. For more information, contact a Motomco Territory Manager or visit www.motomco.com.

Motomco is the world leader in rodent control technology, dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species. Motomco is the leader in rodent control for the agricultural market and supports its customers with the industry's most qualified territory managers.

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