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Motomco introduces new Tomcat Titan weighted bait station

Motomco Motomco Tomcat Titan
Tomcat Titan features a custom, pre-installed brick, so no additional securing of the station is required.

Agricultural producers now have a weighted, ready-to-go option when implementing a secure, effective rodent control program. The Titan is Motomco’s newest addition to the Tomcat line of bait stations that are preferred by producers for their security, versatility and durable, long-lasting construction.

The Tomcat Titan features a custom, pre-installed brick, so no additional securing of the station is required. The brick holds the stations in place on the exteriors of buildings or during cleanout and transitions and makes them less likely to be disturbed by livestock, Motomco said. On top of the brick is a removable tray, making it faster and easier to replace bait and service the stations, saving producers time and labor costs.

The single key locking mechanism provides added security and allows for easy opening and closing; in addition, the station can also be set up to be used keyless. The removable tray will hold either one Rat Snap Trap or up to eight 1 oz. Bait Chunx with locking rods that won’t fall out during cleaning.

Motomco is committed to continually developing new solutions to improve rodent control in the agriculture industry, and the Titan is the latest example. “The Titan design has been hugely successful in the professional pest control industry, and we’re extremely excited to be able to bring this station to the ag market. Once producers get them out on their farms, they’ll see how much faster it makes setting up and maintaining their rodent control and biosecurity programs,” Motomco product manager Andy Schoenherr said.

The Tomcat Titan Weighted Bait Station has passed all requirements for certification as a Tier 1 station, the highest level of bait station security recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, proving it is resistant to tampering by both children and dogs.

The Tomcat Titan Weighted Bait Station is available for shipment starting April 23 and will be sold through Motomco’s nationwide network of distributors and animal health suppliers.

Motomco, a world leader in rodent control technology, is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high-quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other pest species.

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