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Merck ILT photo.jpg Merck Animal Health

Merck launches next live poultry vaccine in U.S.

Innovax ND-ILT provides single injection protection against Newcastle disease, ILT and Marek’s disease.

Merck Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co, announced the launch of Innovax ND-ILT, made with biotechnology that protects against three highly infectious diseases in poultry — Newcastle disease (ND), infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) and Marek’s disease when given to chickens either in ovo or subcutaneously at the hatchery.

According to Merck, Innovax ND-ILT is the second of the company’s dual HVT (herpesvirus of turkeys) constructs to be approved, following the release of Innovax ND-IBD launched last November. The vaccine marks the first vaccine available in the U.S. shown to be effective against these three highly contagious infections with a single vaccination, the company said. These diseases can affect a range of systems in domestic poultry, including the nervous, respiratory, immune and reproductive systems.

“Along with the convenience of a single immunization, Innovax ND-ILT eliminates the risks of viral latency, persistence and dissemination associated with the use of conventional live vaccines,” said Ivan Alvarado, Merck Animal Health. “By controlling Newcastle disease and infectious laryngotracheitis, Innovax ND-ILT allows the administration of monovalent (infectious bronchitis virus) vaccines, avoiding competition between respiratory viruses while improving protection against (infectious bronchitis) in the field. As a recombinant HVT vaccine, Innovax ND-ILT does not induce post-vaccinal reactions, reversion to virulence or interference with other respiratory vaccines.”

Innovax ND-ILT is a frozen, cell associated, live virus vaccine that contains the serotype 3 HVT with the F gene from ND virus and two genes from ILT.

The vaccine is frozen and packaged in glass ampules, supplied with diluent packaged in a separate container. The vaccine ampules are inserted in metal canes, stored and shipped in a liquid nitrogen container.

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