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Layn introduces TruGro AOX natural antioxidant platforms

Product line has applications in animal feed and pet foods.

Layn Corp. has introduced its TruGro AOX Natural Antioxidant Platform for animal nutrition.

The new TruGro AOX range works to replace synthetic antioxidants with better performance at the same dosage, and has applications in the fat and oils, animal feed, premixes and pet foods sectors, according to the announcement.

Layn said the product line was developed with botanical extracts, and research has demonstrated that it provides improved anti-oxidation efficacy in a variety of fat and oil substrates commonly used in animal feed and pet foods in comparison with the most used synthetic antioxidants. The platform allows for an increase in the shelf life of animal feed and pet foods, delaying the oxidation process through synergic anti-oxidation mechanisms, the company said.

Layn noted that it continues to invest in research and innovation for its TruGro animal nutrition line in order to provide clean label alternatives to artificial ingredients in the diets of livestock and pets.

Layn is a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium-quality, plant-based sweeteners, flavors and natural extracts. Founded in 1995, Layn pioneered the natural high-intensity sweetener industry and has been advancing its ingredients for over two decades.

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