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Kemin launches phytogenic feed additive for U.S. poultry producers

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Unique combination of phytogenics and probiotics helps manage enteric challenges

Kemin Industries has launched Vannix C4, a novel phytogenic feed additive that joins the comprehensive lineup of poultry gut health solutions from Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health-North America.

Kemin said Vannix C4 is a proprietary formulation of natural, gut-health-fortifying ingredients designed as a cost-effective solution for producers to minimize the impact of enteric challenges on poultry performance.

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Independently published research has shown that select phytogenic molecules can reduce the impact of enteritic pathogens — such as Eimeria and Clostridium perfringens — on poultry performance, according to Kemin. Additionally, probiotics have been shown to promote a healthy intestinal microbial balance in poultry which may support the overall health and performance of the animal.

"With more than 50% of commercial poultry raised without antibiotics today, producers are challenged to manage flock health with fewer tools, avoid overuse of current solutions and maximize their long-term efficacy," said Rachel Tonda, associate product manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health-North America. "As a novel phytogenic feed additive, Vannix C4 offers producers a new tool to support and rotate into gut health management programs, helping to promote performance and preserve the efficacy of current products."

According to Kemin, the new product delivers:

An unique formulation of tannins, phytogenic molecules, probiotics and beta-glucans;

Standardized active ingredients to ensure consistent response, and

Tandem performance support in combination with coccidiosis vaccination.

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