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Huvepharma’s Optigrid 45 medicated feed combination approved

Blue Bird labels are now available for four combinations with the feed additive.

Global animal health company Huvepharma’s Optigrid 45, ractopamine hydrochloride Type A medicated article a feed additive used to promote weight gain and improve feed efficiency in finishing feedlot cattle, has received U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval for combination use with other drug feed additive products in the manufacture of Type B and C medicated feeds.

Optigrid 45, which is comprised of the active ingredient ractopamine hydrochloride, can be fed as a complete feed or top dress feed to cattle fed in confinement for slaughter during the last 28-48 days on feed prior to harvest. The combination approvals allow Optigrid 45 to be used with other feed additives commonly fed to feedlot cattle, including monensin, tylosin and melengestrol. The four specific combinations receiving FDA approval include Optigrid 45 with Monovet 90 (monensin Type A medicated article); Optigrid 45 with Monovet 90 and Tylovet (tylosin phosphate Type A Medicated Article); Optigrid 45 with Monovet 90 and MGA (melengestrol); and Optigrid 45 with Monovet 90, Tylovet, and MGA.

“With the continued need for efficiency in beef production, we are pleased to bring these medicated feed additive combinations with Optigrid 45 to the cattle industry,” said Rick Cozzitorto, head of U.S. sales and marketing.

Huvepharma has been active in the U.S. animal health market since 2005 providing products for poultry, swine and cattle markets. The company received FDA approval for Optigrid 45 in June 2020.

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