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Farm Health Guardian enters biosecurity market

fhg+phone+in+vehicle (1).jpg Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.
Complete disease spread mitigation technology now available for pork and poultry production networks.

Farm Health Guardian, a new real-time disease mitigation technology platform, is now available for pork and poultry producers and integrators throughout North America, Europe and the U.K. Brought to market by Be Seen Be Safe Ltd., the innovative system accurately and quickly tracks and shuts down disease spread within minutes of the first report of disease symptoms.

“The Farm Health Guardian system is the first complete disease spread mitigation platform of its kind,” said Tim Nelson, founder and president, Be Seen Be Safe. “Quick and efficient disease containment is critical to the safety and sustainability of the livestock and poultry industry and the people who work within it. Even with the best individual farm biosecurity protocols, livestock and poultry systems are vulnerable to the devastation that disease outbreaks can cause. With this proven technology we are able to reduce the impact throughout the production network by containing an outbreak before it spreads.”

According to the announcement, the Farm Health Guardian patented system tracks and records all movement in and out of production facilities in real time, providing fast, easy, confidential ways to record all staff, visitor and vehicle movement. The system uses multiple technologies to record this movement, including an app for contactless digital pre-screening, paperless check-in, vehicle passport and global positioning system tracking.

The patented system was tested and proven effective by one of North America’s largest pork production networks, Maple Leaf Agri-Foods.

“We are proud to have played a role in bringing this critical technology to the industry, with a common goal to work and expand to the industry,” said Dan Di Salvo, Maple Leaf Foods vice president infrastructure and security. “Farm Health Guardian has already provided immediate benefits. The collaborative partnership Be Seen Be Safe and Maple Leaf Foods made the journey and solution successful, easy to use and even more. It’s a major step forward in support of industry best practices in assuring continued, safe, quality food production that will continue to meet the growing global demand for food.”

To learn more about Farm Health Guardian please visit: farmhealthguardian.com

Headquartered in Guelph, Ont., Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. is an animal health track and trace technology provider. Founded in 2013, the company strives to protect the health and sustainability of the livestock industry and those who work within it, through real-time disease monitoring and response technology platforms. Farm Health Guardian is a product of Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.

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