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DN2K launches DairyInsight to help farms be more profitable

DN2K, developer of advanced remote monitoring and management systems, announced the launch of DairyInsight, a data capture and analytics platform for dairy producers.

According to DN2K, DairyInsight brings together multiple on-farm data sources into an enterprise dashboard aligned to key metrics as defined by the business owner. The resulting insights enable faster decision-making, helping to unlock new opportunities for profitability.

DairyInsight brings new visibility into data for the entire dairy ecosystem including farmers, co-ops, food companies, financial partners and investors. The platform enables data capture and sharing for stakeholders and partners, reducing time required to act on crucial production decisions and increasing transparency of data affecting downstream decisions like planning and forecasting.

Today, dairy operators rely on time-consuming manual data methods to collect, store and analyze heaps of data on their herds. This data often includes feed supplies, temperature, weather, herd health, cow comfort and commodity prices. The DairyInsight platform provides access to a secure, cloud-enabled portal for users who need complete and actionable data to understand performance and better understand and predict key trends.

“Most dairy farms use a variety of standalone data software systems. Unfortunately, these systems don’t always work well together to create valuable information from enterprise data,” said Susan Lambert, DN2K president and chief executive officer. “The launch of this platform offers dairy producers a solution that will maximize data flow and analysis from existing investments and eliminate the pain points for partners across the dairy value chain who are struggling with access to the data from multiple sources.”

Founded in 2011, the DN2K team has more than 18 years’ experience in developing software-based systems for a broad range of market sectors. DN2K takes large amounts of data from sources throughout your business and turns that data into a highly visual information display accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets, regardless of platform, and can be shared with others in real-time.

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