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Delacon launches phytogenic solution for aquaculture

Phytogenic solution serves an efficient, profitable and sustainable aquaculture production.

Delacon announced Aug. 5 it is bringing a full phytogenic solution — Syrena Boost — to serve modern aquaculture practices.

With Syrena Boost, the premixture targets gut performance and productivity for all aqua species, and to date, trial results are available for tilapia.

Disease outbreaks, food safety assurance and unstable productivity are just a few challenges in aquaculture, the company said. On these demands, Delacon developed Syrena Boost with well-selected bio-actives to create a premixture of specific saponins, spices and essential oils.

The phytogenic solution serves an efficient, profitable yet sustainable aquaculture production, according to Delacon experts, who noted that trial results showed improved feed intake (6%), a boost in specific growth rate (5%) and return on investment (4:1).

“For developing Syrena Boost, we released our phytogenic expertise. In vivo and in vitro trials underline the performance of the product. It is a natural product with high quality, standardized and proven active ingredients,” said Delacon species leader aqua Alex Makol.

Sensitive ingredients of Syrena Boost are micro-encapsulated, which ensures thermal stability and slow intestinal release of sensitive ingredients, the company noted.

Binh Nguyen Ngoc, Asian regional sales and technical manager aqua, added, “The aqua market is developing fast. Farmers rely on performance and productivity. Additionally, they carefully look at future economic and political factors. Using a full phytogenic feed additive such as Syrena Boost will be very attractive.”

Delacon develops plant-derived products for livestock and aquaculture. Phytogenics are composed of herbs, spices, other plants and their extracts.

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