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NBSG Dewormer Pail Cargill

Cargill expands feedthrough dewormer offering

Company launches NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral (Medicated)

Deworming doesn’t have to be hard on producers or cattle with new NutreBeef Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) Dewormer Mineral (Medicated) now available from Nutrena dealers nationwide.

In one easy-to-use package, NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral combines the efficacy Safe-Guard from Merck Animal Health with a high quality, free-choice mineral formula from Cargill Animal Nutrition.

“NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral is extremely convenient,” said Dr. Anna Taylor, Cargill beef technical specialist. “Simply replace your regular mineral with the dewormer mineral for three to six days when it’s time to deworm. When the medicated mineral has been consumed by your herd, return to your existing mineral program.”

Safe-Guard goes directly into the gastrointestinal tract to attack the energy metabolism function of internal parasites. It is unique in that, once ingested by the parasite, it cannot be excreted. This means even if cattle only consume a partial dose of the medicated mineral daily, the Safe-Guard will accumulate in the parasite until it reaches the lethal dose.

“We’re excited to partner with Cargill to offer producers this option for herd parasite control,” said Dr. Harold Newcomb, Merck Animal Health Technical Services. “Safe-Guard dewormer has been proven 95% effective in feed-through forms killing internal parasites right where they live — in the gut. By deworming in the pasture, NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral eliminates the stress, risks and financial impacts of handling cattle.”

Internal parasites eat at profitability, Cargill said. According to a study from Iowa State University, decreases in gain and reproduction in non-dewormed cattle can result in financial losses up to $190 per animal.

“A timely deworming program should be part of every producer’s herd health protocol,” Taylor said. “The labor often associated with deworming, such as running cattle through a chute becomes irrelevant with NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral. Producers can ensure their cattle are getting the internal parasite control they need without requiring additional labor.”

For more information on NutreBeef Safe-Guard Dewormer Mineral, visit www.NutreBeef.com or call 1-844-889-7712.

Consult your veterinarian for assistance, diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism.

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