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Canadian Bio-Systems launches new ‘Yeast Bioactives’ feed technology

Technology is a yeast-based innovation designed for use as a feed supplement in diets for poultry, swine and ruminants.

A new category of feed technology with broad advantages for the new landscape of livestock production has been launched by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

“Yeast Bioactives” technology is a yeast-based innovation designed for use as a feed supplement in diets for poultry, swine and ruminants, CBS Inc. said. It fits as an enhanced yeast and grain management option with advantages for all types of production systems, including those targeting reduction or replacement of antimicrobial use. It is available as of Dec. 1 — the same date new antimicrobial use rules take effect in Canada — in several product lines as part of the CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms portfolio.

“The introduction of Yeast Bioactives technology is a major innovation for the global animal feed sector that comes at an important time of industry evolution,” said Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. technical director. “It represents a leap forward in consistency and efficacy compared to conventional yeast cell wall components used in animal feed. It offers a unique solution that addresses many of the current trends and needs of the industry.”

According to CBS Inc., the Yeast Bioactives technology has shown properties and activities that help to mitigate a number of potential threats that can undermine feed quality, animal performance, animal health and food safety. It has also shown a high level of prebiotic activity that further supports an optimal environment for animal wellness, performance and related productivity.

“Yeast Bioactives technology can be used consistently as an ongoing safeguard and support for optimal health, performance and productivity under a variety of production systems,” said Paul Garvey, CBS Inc. poultry sales manager. “It can also be used as a tool to support strategies for antimicrobial reduction or replacement. As a bio-based feed ingredient, it fits the type of solution favored not only on-farm but also by retail customers and consumers of animal-based food products.”

The new Yeast Bioactives technology stems from multiple years of discovery research by CBS Inc. in partnership with the novel feed technology research program led by Dr. Bogdan Slominski at the University of Manitoba.

“The result is a brand new yeast technology built for now and for the future,” said Patterson, who worked alongside Slominski and Dr. Anna Rogiewicz on the discovery research. “It gives livestock operations and everyone across the animal feed industry an important new option in the toolbox.”

CBS Inc. is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications.

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